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2019 will mark the the fifth year of the RunBC Project.

Aka: this is the place where we cook up new adventures, with the help of the finest group of trail ladies we know.

So what is it?

Each summer, a group of amazing and badass women gather together for an exploratory adventure mission somewhere in BC.  The purpose of the week is to experience new terrain, enjoy the company of other link minded female souls, and create long lasting memories. Many of our future guided trips are the result of these “test adventures”!

There is a waitlist, but it never hurts to put your name forward. :)



• Must be able to run consistent 15-20km days in mountainous terrain

• Previous trail running experience (intermediate).

• Expect to be out on the trails for 4 - 7 hours a day, although this is NOT a speed adventure and we will stop often to soak in the views.

• Comfortable with changing weather, with an understanding of proper layering

• Team player, flexible. We place a solid emphasis on finding the FUN in every adventure and misadventure.

What to expect:


The Deets:

Summer 2019

Dates tbd

Email Jen for info